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Production Work

Spring 2018- Profile Piece Project:

My friend Devin “Sriracha” Conway is an officer of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu team at Radford University, he allowed me to spend an evening filming inside club and offered an interesting incite into the world of martial arts. I’m particularly proud of this video even though a few of the shots are underexposed because it was one of my first projects that I was aloud to choose a topic on.

Fall 2018- Local Commercial/Client Project: 

In the late spring of 2018 I spent the better half of a day filming vistas and wildlife on the Skyline Drive Parkway and Shenendoah Valley where I call home, I put this video together with my Dad’s business in mind, since he installs emergency backup generators. I love the shots I was able to gather for this video, some took me far from walking paths in the national forest.

Fall 2018- News Package Project 

I put this video together over the course of an afternoon for my Communications 446 class in news media. The video touches on how drones have been revolutionizing the field of photography. Jeremy Jennings, Radford University’s technology specialist was kind enough to sit down with me and answer a few questions on the subject.

Fall 2018- End of the Year/ Hiking Project:

This was my final project I completed for my Coms-482 class in fall ’18. I acquired most of my shots over the course of the fall semester. I wanted to show the beauty of Virginian forests during all seasons. It’s needless to say, I went to a lot of trouble to take a few of these shots. Including climbing up a 70 foot rock ledge to get the shot you can see at 3:12.

Fall 2017-  Movie Promo Project:  (Sound Mixing)


Fall 2017- PSA Project:  (Sound Mixing)
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