Radford University-


  • Received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Communications/Media Studies. With a concentration in production technology.
  • I excelled in film making on the small scale, as well as in editing.
  • I have been taught and certified in the use of AVID and Adobe Premier editing software.
  • My skill the 4K/HD1080p capable, JVC camera model GY-HM170 was unparalleled in my production tech classes.
  • I performed well in the subjects of script writing and journalism. Completing the courses with an “A” average.
  • My skills working behind the scenes in a news room setting, were sharpened when I took one of my final classes; “News Room Editing”, in the Fall semester of 2018.
  • My classmates and I would rotationally preform tasks around a simulated on-air, news show.
  • Each week we would be assigned a different role to carry out and a video that needed to be shot, edited, and submitted.
  • I have been taught in Drone mantanance and operation during a radio-journalism course. It included up close work and hands-on drone flight experience.
  • I have been educated and tested on Web Page and Social Media Journalism and design.
  • Final Video Production Projects can be found on my website


Work Experience-

     1) Telemedia Productions Inc-

(2030 Pro Point Lane, Harrisonburg Va.)
  • March 2018- present
  • I am currently employed as a freelance videographer for Telemedia Productions Inc. in Harrisonburg Va. A firm that is employed both by local news media and James Madison University.
  • I have helped film segments of a local PBS television program called “Off the Beaten Path”, with host Pete Churney. It’s in the early stages of becoming a nationally syndicated show.
  • I was offered the job after the host saw my “Let’s Go Hiking Virginia” school project, that I have displayed on my portfolio website. My skills in recording nature photography intrigued him and his producer, they hired me on the spot.
  • I have since been useful in recording B-Roll footage at various set locations.
  • I also have been of use, recording natural sound and interview audio.
  • In between working on the television program. I have been filming JMU sport events for live internet and television broadcasts. Much of which have been softball or baseball games.
  • My duties required a lot of teamwork and communication between the camera operators, directors, and the producers.
  • I help set up live steams before the games themselves. This includes running the camera feed to our media vans, helping boot the comm systems, setting up the camera equipment themselves, as well as adjusting said equipment, and checking the systems for any problems.


2) Massanutten Resort and Water Park-

(1822 Resort Dr., McGaheysville, Va)
  • Spring and summer seasons of 2016-18.
  • As a Water Attendant/Lifeguard hired through the waterpark of Massanutten in McGaheysville, VA. I have been certified by the Red Cross in CPR and First Aid. At Massanutten, I worked closely with other employees and patrons to ensure customer safety.
  • There I learned how to assess situations and sharpened my problem-solving skills under pressure and practiced my communication skills.


3) Massanutten Resort Activities Director Assistant-

(4620 Massanutten Dr., Va)
  • Summer of 2015, May-August.
  • Three times a week, my employers and I would set up for live music shows at the Summit of the Massanutten Resort. Before the show I would help the bands set up for their show, assist in setting up amplifiers and microphones. Once the equipment was operational my duties included greeting of guests, ticket taking and directing seating.
  • Assisted with set- up and operation of recreational activities to include tie dye, teen movie night, wine tastings, special dinners and small children’s recreational activities.


4) Massanutten Resort Zip Line Attendant-

(3827 Massanutten Dr., Va)
  • Summer 2014, May-August.
  • For these summer months I would assist patrons with waist and leg restraints, making sure that their equipment was safe and properly mounted. I verbally gave instructions on proper zip line riding procedures.
  • This job taught me how to communicate with customers, as well as other employees and how to remedy workplace problems and conflicts.



  • Communications
  • AVID and Adobe Premier Certified
  • Videography and Audio Production
  • Drone Journalism
  • Script Writing
  • Newsroom Editing
  • Young Adult and Children’s Literature Fiction Writer